La Silla Observatory - Science Operation Department



Maintenance task coordination

From: O.Hainaut, HoSciOps
G.Andreoni, HoLED
L.Aguila, HoInfrastructure
F.Gutierrez, HoIT
CC: SciOps
R.Parra, TelMa
R.Tamai, HoPED
Released 2004-08-21

This memo formalizes the discussions that took place in Aug.2004 between SciOps and TelMa about the coordination between LED and SciOps for the various maintenance tasks taking place on the SciOps telescopes, including those related to MAXIMO. This memo does not really contain any new information, but it clarifies and formalizes the interactions.

1- Maintenance tasks

1.1- Daily inspection: MAXIMO maintenance plan

The basic daily inspection tasks performed in the framework of the MAXIMO-defined maintenance plan are visual/auditive checks and non-intrusive measurements performed by a LED technician. The results of these checks and measurements are archived in MAXIMO. In some cases, a small level of intrusion is needed, such as a power cycle or a function movement.

It is estimated that these activities should take up to 30min per telescope.

1.2- Preventive Maintenance: REMEDY maintenance plan

A set of preventive maintenance tasks are defined in REMEDY ("Work Orders"). These are assigned to various teams from LED, IT, SciOps, their periodicity ranges from a few days to a few years. The amount of time required, and the level of intrusion in the system varies widely from few minute tests to telescope immobilized for several hours.

2- Coordination

As for all the other activities taking place at the telescopes, the scheduling of the inspections (defined in MAXIMO) and of the other maintenance tasks (defined in REMEDY maintenance plan) has to be agreed upon with the Telescope Coordinator, at the daily coordination meeting or other suitable time. LED, IT, Infrastructure or any other group in charge of a scheduled maintenance task must inform the coordinator of the task,  and of its possible impact on operation.

3- Record

The measurements acquired during the inspections are recorded in MAXIMO by the LED technician. In case a non-conformity is detected, a Problem Report has to be opened in the Remedy system, and the Telescope Coordinator has to be notified.  The Remedy ticket can be opened by the LED technician (MAXIMO), the person performing the maintenance task (REMEDY) or the coordinator, but it is the responsibility of the person who performed the task to make sure that that ticket is opened and that the coordinator is notified. The resulting troubleshooting/corrective actions are also to be coordinated with the Telescope Coordinator.

4- Agreement

SciOp commits to give access to the telescope to the LED technician(s) in order to perform the MAXIMO measurements (typically 0.5h/day/telescope), and to all the groups to perform the maintenance tasks. The actual scheduling of these tasks will depend on the other ongoing activities, and has to be decided with the Telescope Coordinator even in case of simple (non-intrusive) inspection. The usual priorities must be respected:

Also, TIOs can go with the LED technician in order to see what he is doing and thereby learn new symptoms to which they should be attentive.

Undesirable redundancy between the REMEDY and MAXIMO should be tracked and optimized. Currently, only LED uses MAXIMO to generate and record maintenance tasks, but this could be extended to others, including SciOps.