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Quality Control and
Data Processing

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Quality Control

The Quality Control process will be moved to a new system in the course of 2023 on an instrument-by-instrument basis. The current pages will then not be updated any longer.

Calibration data from the Paranal instruments (VLT, VLTI, survey cameras) are processed; their quality is checked and monitored. If certified, master calibrations are archived and offered to the community for reducing science data.

For selected instruments and instrument modes, science-grade data products created and offered through the Query Pages of the Science Archive.

Find here information about the VLT/ VLTI pipelines.

General Services:

HealthCheck Monitor: Information about health check parameters

calChecker: calibration completeness monitor
www.eso.org/QC this site: documentation and tutorial pages about trending, QC1 parameters, data types and data processing
Reference Frames screenshots of raw reference frames, for use of Paranal Science Operations
QC1 Database download and plot QC1 parameters